Un procede de formation en reseau de grandes surfaces par distribution orthogonales d'elements

Large surface symmetrical design procedure - has relative diagonals with equidistant arcs formed at ends orientated about central axes

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Borras Escriva Sl
  • Publication Date: June 17, 1977
  • Publication Number: FR-2332143-A1


The system is for covering large or small surfaces with a symmetrically regular pattern so that the pattern may be in any desired plane. It comprises a series of diagonal lines drawn on the surface to be treated. The ends of the diagonals are joined to arcs or similar diagonals crossing at 90 deg. depending upon the chosen design. The angles and arcs are maintained symmetrical relative to lines projected from the centre of the zone which stretch to its outer edges. The corners are treated alike, their dimensions being relative to the remainder of the outline.




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