Procede de preparation de copolymeres greffes durcissables, liquides, comprenant des groupes epoxydes

Curable liquid epoxide graft copolymer prodn. - from polyepoxide, unsaturated acid and (hydroxy)alkyl (meth)acrylate for coating and moulding


Prodn. of curable liquid graft polymers (I) contg. epoxide gps. is carried out by graft polymerisation of ethylenically unsatd. acids (II) and simple ethylenically unsatd. monomers (III) and epoxide cpds. (IV) with more than one epoxide gp. in the mol. at elevated temp. in inert organic solvent (V) in the presence of free radicals. A soln. of 30-80 (wt.)% liquid (IV) (viscosity 15-14000 cP at 25 degrees C; epoxide equiv. wt. 120-450) in (V), with a b. pt. of 60-150 degrees C, is treated with 70-20% mixt. of 2-10% 3-5C (II) or its anhydride, 50-90% 1-18 C-alkyl acrylate (IIIa), 3-25% 2-8 C-monohydroxyalkyl ester (IIIb) of a 3-5C alpha, beta-ethylenically unsatd. acid and 5-25% 1-18 C-alkyl methacrylate (IIIc). The mixt. is kept at 60-150 degrees C until graft polymerisation is complete, then (V) is opt. removed under reduced press. below 130 degrees C. (I) are used in the prodn. of curable coating and/or moulding compsns. contg. little or no solvent. Coating compsns. contg. hardener and opt. other conventional additives can be applied by spraying, dipping, casting, brushing etc. and are generally dried at room temp., although those contg. a liquid anhydride hardener may be baked. The casting resins ar used in the electrical industry, esp. for encapsulating temp. sensitive switching elements etc. The resin can also be used for the prodn. of filling, sealing and casting compsns; and adhesives (with polyamidoamine hardeners). (I) are stable for months at 40 degrees C and are compatible with epoxide resin hardeners. The coatings hardened at room temp. are resistant to weathering.




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