Moule ouvrant a charniere pour la production automatique d'articles en verre creux

Hinged mould for glass articles - having outer projections to provide pivot location and location lugs for movement entraining hooks

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Omco Sa Nv
  • Publication Date: October 28, 1977
  • Publication Number: FR-2346294-A1


Hinged two part mould for mfr. of hollow glass articles consists of a cylinder the dia. of which is only limited by the inversion constant of a classic machine, either of individual sections of or the rotating table types, the cylinder being split through its axial plane into the two mould halves. The cylinder has abutments fixed to the outer wall of each half, having openings of equal dia. which are aligned by a pin in use so that the mould halves can pivot about the pin. Each mould half is also provided with lugs with small holes on either side of the pin, by means of which the mould may be opened and closed. The mould may also have further wavy projections or channels, designed to provide surplus surface area, permitting the outer mould surface increased access to cooling air so as to accelerated the cooling of the mould and its contents. For use in mfr. of bottles, jarx, tumblers etc. the design of the mould allows containers of larger dia. than in prior art. e.g. >=11. capacity, using a double gob parison, an can employ a thin walled mould. It can be used for both moulding a press-blow moulding. Moulds of varying size and shape can be made for the same machine. Double moulds may also be used.




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